Cabling is a critical foundation which is affected the effectivity quality in your network that runs on your company to decide the operation on business. We will provide you a service in cabling and wiring that will help your network infrastructure working properly and effectively.

As a customer-centric we are going to provide you a solution that is exceedingly cost effective and reliable, and also a system that are able to handle complex communication network very completely, Our system is designed for able to cater the fast paced evolving requirement. Our expertise will enable us to tackle all the challenges that connected with wired and wireless networking, and integrate everything to the secure environment by providing the effective foundation. 

With our system we are going to enhance the ergonomics of works for our clients, that's why we are reliably equated to quality structured cabling solution.

Here is the service we are going to offer in Structured Cabling System:

  • Cabling Connection Diagram Plan: We will provide you a connection diagram to support your network infrastructure depending on your working environment and requirement.
  • Cabling Media: We provide you cabling solution price based on market for your preference. if you don't have any, we will provide you a solution based on our experience that help you decide.
  • Cabling path design and installation: (cabling path design and installation will based on the first phase planning, bearing in mind about future maintenace).

Wiring Center
  • Documentation: We document the detailed documentation since we believe a detail documentation will be a success factor in installation and maintenance in future
  • Quality Installation: By sending trained technicians equipped with proper installation technique and all the right tools, we give you quality and tested installation 

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Our Data Center consulting and staffing provide you a service in managing cost, assure High Availability, and incident management specialize in application discovery/dependency mapping and service impact modeling, to enable IT Asset Management for Service Management (ITSM).

The service we offer is meant for both data center for basic services for business that dont want to implement costly infrastructure, as well as solutions that costumer mostly demand such as Disaster Recovery Center. We offer based on both latest standard and even advance architecture (Tier III and Tier IV) in different service models (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS).

Here is the service we offer in our Data Center:
  • Design and Consultancy As our consultation service, we assist you to determine what your business data center required. Then we further study the location to add details to the design and planning. At this stage we pinpoint potential obstacles that might be found on field to be considered in the planning to avoid future installation problems. Whether you have an existing data center to expand or about to build a new one, we are the right people to consult with. Our years of proven track record and access to the world's best practices, we will help you design and plan your data center to meet the known international standard.
  • Construction and Set Up With the design and plan on hand, we will help you construct and set up your data center. We cover anything your data center needs.
  • Liebert Precision Air Conditioning and UPS System Mustika Memadata is distributor of Emerson power Network in Indonesia. We procure, install, and maintain all Liebert Air Conditioning and UPS Products.
  • Total Security Management System by LENEL Physical Security system including access door and CCTV system.
  • Remote Monitoring System Be able to monitor and operate all Facilities you have in your data center from remote location.
  • Electrical System We design and set up the electrical system required to support your data center, including PDU and electrical cabling.
  • Raised Floor and Structure Reinforcement Provide enhance cooling control and power distribution, easily adapt technological Data Center over the Data center itself
  • Fire Protection System Advanced Fire Protection System provide fast, at early stage of fire
  • Documentation Detailed documentation for maintenance purposes and future reference.
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PT Mustika Memadata offer you complete range of security system using HD network camera and sound recording system with High Quality sound, whether you using for security surveillance purpose or remotely monitor property and facility purpose we can fulfill your requirements.

Here is the service we offer on Security System:
  • Access Control System We design and install IP based Access Control System that integrate with other building CCTV camera and Building Automation System. It may included with up to hundred doors across multiple sites with multiple verification options.
  • Intrusion Alarm System At PT Mustika Memadata, we design and install intrusion alarm system for premises of different size and nature. Our security system designed to deliver highly secure 24 hours Central Station Monitoring System
  • Public Address System We provide the newest and latest products to meet the growing demand for high quality public address equipment. this public address system will provide crystal clear sound, durability, and reliability

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PT Mustika Memadata offer you a solution for infrastructure integration and optimization, in data centers, hybrid cloud orchestration or remote office and branch office rollout, and we leverage our technology experiences with partners offering to discover design, procure, integrate, deploy and support IT System solution.

We utilize our technology solution with advance technology which makes you have an advantage, we will not just giving you the technology for your solution because it's not just only factor to be more ahead from other, To make you have an advantage we will use this advanced technology based on your requirements.

We work with other market leaders and emerging solution to provide you the best solution you can get.

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